Symposia at The Queen’s College

Organised by Seb Wilkes (MCR 3rd year)

Come and listen our college community, both MCR and SCR, discuss their latest work. The Queen’s College Symposium, or QCS, happens twice a term. The standard format is to have two speakers, with 30 minutes each including questions from the audience. One of my manifesto pledges was to hold more thematic evenings – do keep an eye out! QCS is held in The Shulman Auditorium. Afterwards, there is a Free dinner in the SCR! Though please make sure you book on promptly. The schedule for the year 23/24 is still being worked on, but here is what was in the calendar last year.

QCS in Hilary Term

Date and TimeSpeakersFormat / Theme
Week 1


18:00 – 20:10
Dr Claire Craig, Provost

Alex Spies, Imperial College

Dr Tingting Zhu, St. Hilda’s College

Areeq Chowdhury, Royal Society

Dr Anders Sandberg, Future of Humanity Institute
Your Future Friend? Examinging how soceity’s future relationship with AI may change

My biggest event of the year!!!
Week 7


18:00 – 19:00
Dr Annalisa Nicholson, French Literature

TBC! (Ask if interested)
Standard Format

QCS in Michaelmas Term

Date and TimeSpeakersFormat / Theme
25/10/2022 18:00 – 19:00Dr Danielle Shaw (Experimental Psychology)
Jack Howley
(Inorganic Chemistry)
Standard Format (no theme)
29/11/2022 18:00 – 19:00Dr Charles Crowther (Ancient History)
Will Smith (Zoology)
Denise Swanborn (Zoology)
Exploration with The Queen’s College. Explanation of research, focusing on their use of field work. Followed by an interactive conversation with panelists