the committee


Charles Troup


"I'm a second year MPhil in Modern British and European History. As President, I represent the views of the MCR and its members to College. I also oversee the running of the MCR and help out other committee members when I can."


Guillaume Matthews


"I am a Belgian Engineer reading for a DPhil in Materials Science. As the Victualler, I am in charge of the weekly guest dinners and other MCR formal events. I also provide wine and other drinks to the MCR. I am here to make sure that everyone has a great dining experience at The Queen’s College."


Archna Shah


"I’m a second year DPhil studying Structural Biology and the Treasurer for the MCR. My role is to manage the financial affairs of the MCR that will benefit its members. Please feel free to contact me if you have any financial queries regarding the MCR or College!"


Drew Holland




Daniel Navarro

IT Officer

"I am a DPhil in Artificial Intelligence developing computer models of the brain. I have created this new MCR website and my role as the MCR IT Officer involves keeping the website updated and managing the mailing lists. Feel free to contact me with any IT questions."


Joe Tham

Welfare Officer

"Hi, I'm Joe. I'm a MPhil student in Traditional East Asia, working on East Asian history. As the MCR Welfare Officer, I would be happy to speak with you about any welfare-related issues, and will do my best to help."


Alicia Smith

Women Officer

"I'm Alicia and I am a second-year DPhil studying medieval literature. My role as the women's officer is to provide support for all female members of the MCR and to represent their interests. Feel free to get in touch if you have questions or ideas regarding this area of college life."


Ed Bithell

Social Secretary

"I'm a fourth year studying Chinese at Queen's. As a fourth year undergraduate I've spent the last three years in Queen's JCR, so will be working with the other social secretaries to try and get the whole of college together. Let me know if you've got any ideas or requests for MCR social life!"


Hamza Alawiye

Social Secretary

"I'm a second year DPhil Student at the Mathematical Institute. As a social secretary, I am responsible for encouraging, promoting and organising social activities of interest to MCR members. Feel free to contact me with any ideas or requests for social events!"


Max Lawton

Social Secretary

"My name is Max, and I'm a 2nd year MPhil in Russian Literature. I'm one of the three Social Secs, and this year will be running a book and film club for the MCR - don't hesitate to drop me an email if you have any suggestions!"


Friederike Ach

Sports Secretary

"I’m a first year graduate student reading for an MSt in German literature. As sports secretary, I coordinate sports events with the JCR and other colleges, as well as our in-college sports teams."


James Isbister

Charities and Environment



Sachintha Dias Mudalige

JCR-MCR Liaison Officer

"I’m a second year DPhil in Public International Law. As JCR-MCR liaison officer, I will be managing the graduate teaching scheme and keeping MCR members informed of JCR events that may be of interest to them. Feel free to contact me with any JCR related queries."


Alexis Fogelman

SCR Liaison Officer



Satoshi (Wilson) Tanaka

Black & Asian, Minority Ethnic Officer

"Hi, I am a first-year graduate student for MBA at business school. As BAME rep, I will facilitate attendance at black, Asian and minority ethnic related events within and outside the College."


Luca Mazzocch

LGBTQ+ Officer

"Hi there, my name is Luca and I'm a first year graduate student reading for an MSt in Italian literature. As LGBTQ+ rep for this year, my role is to to represent our queer community in the MCR and before college, as well as to organise events to socialise, learn, enjoy, and celebrate sexual and gender diversity. I would be very happy to have a chat with any of you if you have any concerns regarding LGBTQ+ issues. Feel free to drop me an email or talk to me whenever you see me."


Thomas Zillhardt

First Year Representative