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Bring guests to enjoy a nice dinner in Queen's!

Guest Dinners take place on Mondays and allow you to bring guests from outside of College! Although you might be able to bring guests to normal dinners in College, for Guest Dinners you get to dress up and have a fancy meal, followed by port and chocolates!


Guest dinners consist of a three-course meal (with the same menu as High Table), and are preceded by drinks and followed by port and chocolates. The dinners are open to all MCR members. Each member may bring at least one guest, and a maximum of 3 guests if space allows. There is a maximum of 41 spaces for every dinner, with a couple of exceptions: when Queen's hosts Exchange Dinners – in this case, spaces for standard Guest Dinners are either restricted to 12 or are not offered at all – and for Week 9 Guest Dinners, when there are more spaces (around 70).

booking on

Each week, a sign-up from is emailed to the MCR. It is essential to sign up in order to attend! More information about the sing-up form can be found below. Each MCR member may use his "priority status" once per term. This does not guarantee a place on the dinner, but means that his application – including all guests – will be considered before all "normal" (i.e. non-priority) applications.

number of guests

Each MCR member is guaranteed 1 guest if his application is successful. If space allows, he may be able to bring up to 3 guests. All priority status applicants will be guaranteed more than 1 guest (max.3) if their application is successful.

Dress code

The dress code for Guest Dinner is Smart. This includes suit and tie, national dress, cocktail dress, jacket, blouse and trousers. Gowns are required for Queen's Members. Exceptionally, the dress code for the last Guest Dinner of each term (i.e. Monday of Week 9) the dress code is black tie. This includes tuxedo/dinner/evening jacket and black bow tie, national dress, cocktail dress, blouse and trousers. As usual, Queen's members are required to wear Gowns!

Guest Dinner Table
Guest Dinner Table

normal course of events

– Meet in the MCR at 18:30 for pre-dinner drinks.

– Chill, socialise and have fun until 19:05, at which point our Victualler, Guillaume Matthews, will ring the MCR bell, announcing that it is time to move on to the Dining Hall.

– If you would like wine with your meal, this is the time to order it at the Buttery (just across the Dinning Hall). Then, the second sitting dinner is announced by trumpet call (Queen’s is the only College that still maintains this tradition!) at precisely 19:15 to signal the start of the dinner – don’t be late!

– After dinner, we head back to the MCR for delicious port and chocolates.

– Then, we either stay in the MCR for more socialising or, depending on what everyone feels like doing, go the Beer Cellar for more good times!

any questions?

Just email the Queen's MCR Victualler, Guillaume Matthews:

Guest Dinner Hall

The Sign-Up Form

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