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Enjoy a nice dinner in different colleges!

Exchange Dinners are dinners organised between the MCR Committees of two different colleges and take place on Guest Dinners nights of each College. An Exchange Dinner consists of two dinners in two different occasions, or "legs": The "home leg" is in our College Hall, on a Monday Night, whilst the "away leg" is in the other College Hall, which day usually depends on when the other College's MCR organises their Guest Dinner.

Booking on

As from Guest Dinners, you do have to sign up in order to be able to join the Exchange Dinner. The signing up proccess is valid for both "legs". The Menu of the upcoming Exchange Dinner, as well as all necessary information about the dinner and the sign-up sheet, are always sent in advance to your College email address, together with the weblink to the online registration form. It takes you less than a minute to sign up! Please note that you have to sign up before the informed deadline and that places on the exchange dinner are limited and offered on a first-come-first served basis!

number of guests

MCR Members are not usually allowed bring guests to Exchange Dinners as it is your chance not only to visit a different college, see its grounds, Dining Hall, MCR and/or Pub, but also to get to meet awesome new people, denizens of this different, yet strangely familiar, realm!

Exchange Dinner Hall
Exchange Dinner Hall

exchange dinner "home legs"

normal course of events

– Meet in the MCR at 18:30 for pre-dinner drinks.

– Chill, socialise and have fun until 19:05, at which point I will ring our MCR bell, announcing that it is time to move on to the Dining Hall.

– If you would like wine with your meal, this is the time to order it at the Buttery. Then, the second sitting dinner is announced by trumpet call (Queen’s is the only College that still maintains this tradition!) at precisely 19:15 to signal the start of dinner – don’t be late!

– After dinner, we head back to the MCR for delicious port and chocolates.

– Then, we either stay in the MCR for more socialising or, depending on what everyone feels like doing, go the Beer Cellar for more good times!

Exchange Dinner Hall

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