dining in college

Enjoy the best food in Oxford as a MCR member!

As a member of the Queen's MCR you are entitled to enjoy all three daily meals College offers for its members. We strongly encourage you to dine in College, not only because it is a great way to socialise, but also because Queen's has one of the best kitchens in Oxford! The meals are also quite affordable – a full lunch for less than £3 sounds like a great deal, right?

You can have breakfast, lunch and dinner in College. Breakfast and lunch are paid on batells using your Bod Card, so always bring it with you in these cases. Lunch or breakfast are canteen-style meals: just turn up and pay for whatever you put on your tray with your Bod Card. You can just turn in with your Bod Card and you will be charged in Battels only for what you choose. You do not have to do any booking when to enjoy your full breakfast or lunch in College. However, bear in mind that this is not the case for dinners!

Dinners have to be booked online using the Student Meal System by 11:00am of that day. You can book dinner for the whole week at once, or just for that day. To do this you will need your Oxford username and password. Names are carefully checked before entering the Hall by our lovely College staff and therefore you are not going to be allowed into the Hall if you do not book it in advance. It's a good idea to get to dinner early, because if you’re even slightly late, you may well not be let in.

Queen's College Hall
Queen's College Hall
Queen's College Hall

During weekdays you can choose between 1st sitting or 2nd sitting to have dinner in College. The 1st sitting takes place at 6.30pm and there is no required dress code to attend it. The 2nd sitting is at 7.15pm and you are required to wear you academic gown. You have only one sitting for dinner during weekends at 7.15pm and 7.30pm on Saturdays and Sundays, respectively.

Dinner on Saturdays is known as "Saturday Formals" and you need to book it one week in advance. Booking opens at midnight on Friday and there's usually a mad scramble so you really need to sign on ASAP if you want to go. Booking is extremely competitive and places are usually gone within few minutes after midnight, so look out for it! The dress code for Saturday Formals requires gown during week 3 and on week 6. Additionally, although it is not part of the required dress code, people traditionally dress up as well. It means that basically everyone is dressed smart - so keep it in mind so that you are not underdressed. Saturday Formals cost slightly more than normal dinner but are pretty awesome value for 3 courses and everyone gets the chance to dress up.

There is no dress code for Sunday dinner and booking occurs as for weekdays dinner.

Especially, as a MCR member you can also regularly enjoy Guest Dinners and Exchange Dinners!

Queen's College Hall

Wow! That is a lot to remember, isn't it? But there is no reason to worry! Mealtimes during term are summarised in the table below.

Just bookmark us for future reference! And if you have any questions, do not hesitate in get in touch with The Committee!

Mealtimes during term


12.30 to 13.3018.30 (1st sitting)
19.15 (2nd sitting)
19.15 (2nd sitting)


12.15 to 12.4519.15 (formal)


12.15 to 12.4519.30
Bodcard neededBook on using Student Meal SystemGown required

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